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Krucial Management is a new age music management company. Formed in March 2016 the company was set up to help artists develop all aspects of their career and work towards their goals in the industry. Working in the industry on a daily basis we have the knowledge and tools to help guide artists through what is an ever complicated business…. But this wasn’t how it all started…..

The Practice Roomz music studios were built and set up in Spring 2012 by CEO Kristian Lawrence providing rehearsal space and recording facilities for the local scene giving them somewhere to practice/write and be creative in Hertfordshire. As the company grew so too did the pool of exceptionally talented artists coming through the doors. We started attracting artists from all over, from local to touring bands. Working in one on one situations gave us great insight as to where individuals excelled and gave us the vision to form PRZ Live. PRZ Live would go on to create a roster of these artists and start to build relationships with venues in the area becoming a reliable booker supplying great musicians for their establishments and also running our own nights, festival stages and live sound requirements all over the South East of England. In essence, this was a form of micromanagement in itself dealing with the fee’s, contracts and coordination of events as well as social media being a major part in the success of the operations.

As things with the studio grew it allowed us to focus some more attention on starting a solid music management company working more in-depth with individuals, focusing on building careers. After absorbing a lot of music and working on different levels with artists in the studio there was one artist who left us in awe of his talent, music and showmanship. In 2014 Krucial took on its first artist, ‘Mark Sullivan’ as a grassroots artist and started to help build his career. Keeping Mark as a solo artist on the roster allowed the capacity to concentrate on him and gain valuable experience in the music world, pitfalls and all. Taking on all aspects of Mark’s career handling bookings, social media, business and opportunities it was exciting to be helping build a career with someone who we genuinely believed in to go on to bigger things. Mark has excelled over the time with Krucial releasing 3 EP’s and a 4th in the wings, landing UK based tours, winning government backed showcase ‘Rock The House’ in London, playing major festival slots and recording with a Grammy-nominated producer in the USA.

Krucial Management was officially set up in 2016 on return from recording in America for the 4th EP release with Mark. Things had moved up a notch and the need to form Krucial as a stand-alone company became apparent. Krucial was recognised for its hard work within the artist development sector in late 2016 by the CEO of London based RESOLUTION MUSIC, and talks began to offer Krucial Management an office space in Soho London to help the company grow and pinpoint us in the city where most of our meetings and work took place. The London based office is running out of Soho Square and has elevated our presence within the industry along with making it very useful to have a space to hold meetings in the city.

As of 2017 Krucial Management was subcontracted by London based record label Resolution Records to help with their A&R department to find potential signings for the label which has only added to our prowess in the management field. With the company now in a position to start making bigger moves we have taken on a young, hardworking intern who is finishing a degree in music management, recently cutting her teeth with assisting in early development stages for singer/songwriter Tim Brooks doing a great job raising his social profiles, streaming figures and gig opportunities. Looking to take on her own artist in the near future under Krucial Management we feel in a great position to really start growing and utilising our knowledge in today’s music industry.

With Mark Sullivan and Tim Brooks gaining momentum in all areas of their careers Krucial looked to take on a third artist and started working with TAI in late 2018. A 2018 voice semi finalist looking to start her originals career Tai started working with Krucial and immediately released her first original single ‘Eyes On You’ in Nov 2018. The following year saw Tai start appearing on BBC Introducing regularly, Co writing with UK and American based producers, a string of single releases, appearances at Ronnie Scotts, Brixton Academy, and the UK Plus size Fashion week and a social media clothing campaign with Pull and Bear.

Into 2020 there is a whole array of things about to happen in the Krucial camp. With artist development still firmly at the centre of operations Tim Brooks heads off on an American tour, Mark Sullivan plays the Gordon Craig Theatre with his band and Tai is set to release much anticipated music from all areas with growing interest from major areas in the industry........ And that's just the start.......

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