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Tim Brooks isn't your conventional singer-songwriter. Blending the worlds of Frank Turner, Bruce Springsteen and Gerard Way together, Tim Brooks walks the line between acoustic intimacy, and straight up rock and roll passion.


Very much not a teen prodigy, Tim Brooks has walked down the conventional path of university and city jobs to the point of suffocation, with his music being the creative escape from the reality that has built up around him.


Tim pens the internal, with challenging songs about his own mental health and his perceptions on life, and the external, with tales of his musical experiences and the world around him, ranging from the desperate to the euphoric. All Brooks' songs are heavily focused on lyrics and wordplay, with numerous references built around each song.


“I guess my main aim is to write lyrics that people put into fridge magnets, y'know, to get that one line subconsciously tattooed onto someone's brain that just narrates their life at that moment. That's success for me!”

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