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It's been a busy year for North London based artist Mark Sullivan with a string of releases including an underground remix of his single 'Warm Your Bones' by the highly acclaimed Blakk Habit.

With his Spotify really starting to gain traction over the past year it was a good time to look towards a single release for the brand new music he has been making with the full band. After talks with his agents Talentbanq it was agreed to set a show date of 13th November 2018 at the legendary 229, London and let everyone hear the full band in action.

'What Have I Got To Do' is the new single and it adopts a new writing style for Mark, encompassing a more modern production feel and lyrics from the heart about the struggle of getting on in this ever changing music industry. Make sure you keep the date free as this will be a show you don't want to miss with support from the amazing Georgia And The Vintage Youth on the night.

To get your tickets just hit the link below.....

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