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Mark Heaney - Drums from the archive

Releasing ambient soundscapes has been the route for drummer Mark Heaney and this latest masterpiece 'Drums fro the archive's something very special.

During the process of creating/recording music many ideas, grooves and tracks do not get used and

are never released.

This first album contains many cutting room floor ideas, beats and improvisations from different recording sessions over many years. They show progression of ideas and the development of sound and themes. Most are in their raw low-fi state as recorded and in most cases are unfinished which gives the listener a chance to hear the drums in the moment and with very little if any at all editing.

It is in a way therapeutic to be able to release this work which would never see the light of day and in doing so brings a sense of closure with no need to re-visit the works again, a feeling that they have not been wasted. It is always for me about moving forward and leaving the past in the past continuing in the search for new sounds.

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