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TIM BROOKS on the road for 2020

If you can keep up to date with Tim Brooks Live schedule.. then you are doing well....!

Last year saw Tim perform all over the UK as well as several European dates including Amsterdam, Poland and the Czech Republic. But this year things are turning up a notch.

With a hectic run of shows all lined up Tim will venture into new territory with shows in Germany and the USA added to the 2020 tour schedule. A very exciting time for Tim as he loves to perform live and this will mark a very important stage in his career racking up more air miles than ever before and reaching a whole new crowd to hear his music. Alongside this he has been working on a secret stripped back EP which should be out just before Spring, which yet again, shows a whole different side to his writing and song ideas.

We are very excited for Tim's year ahead and hopefully with all these dates you will be able to catch a show near you and see what all the fuss is about!

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