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TAI new release 'YEA YOU'

Tai’s first release of 2020 is pop banger ‘Yea You’. Produced by Grammy-nominated writer, singer and producer, Eddie 'Gypsy' Stokes who was part of Konvict Records and has worked on tracks with Akon and Dr.Dre in the past.

Yea you is about a girl who is in two minds about a boy. She loves him but knows deep down that he’s bad for her. “It’s like I’ve got an alter ego, telling me it’s right that he goes, she told me I’m fly and he knows, he just wants you there so he can boast”.

It’s all about going with that gut feeling and trusting your intuition. In the second verse, she is finally accepting that it’s over, but she’s still hurting “it’s been going round and round and round in my head, sometimes I even miss having you here in my bed, but I gotta listen to my gut, telling me he’s not good enough”

Tai has drawn from previous experiences in relationships. “You always see the good in your lover, even if you know deep down that they are toxic! Love can be blind but you’ve gotta work out the truth, gotta do what’s best for you”.

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