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2018 has been a very busy year indeed for this South London based singer/songwriter..

With a string of original new music releases, he has also managed to record 3 live full length cover sessions for his You Tube channel as well as perform across Europe with the highlight no doubt being a support for one of his favourite artists Will Varley in POLAND.

Yes, Tim BROOKS is a busy man and he doesn't intend to slow the pace. His last few releases have been launched into the digital world accruing plays into the thousands on his Spotify page. Not only this but he also managed to secure a slot on Polands Balcony TV whilst gigging in Europe the latter part of 2018. He performed at the Lodwitz festival just before a support performance for XTRA MILE'S Will Varley at Poland's Meskalina venue topping off what was seemly his best year yet... with a lot more to come.

With a European tour looking likely in the first quarter of 2019 Tim already has a slot booked on Ireland's Balcony Sessions with performances booked to follow in Rotterdam, Poland, Berlin and Amsterdam. Alongside this he has just finished another 3 singles for release starting March 2019 which yet again highlight the unique and truly lyrically gifted tracks he writes and performs evolving his style once again....

Keep an eager eye on this young artist for 2019 could be the year you find Tim Brooks on your latest playlist selection.....

To listen to Tim's music click here. To follow Tim on socials click here.