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Its been a long time coming with the last single release in November 18'... but Mark Sullivan is back with his latest release 'Wasting Time'..

Mark has been re working an old track that he has always wanted to record as a full band. Wasting Time was originally written about two big dilemmas people face in life, relationships and the environment, the second of the two recently becoming a worldwide priority as we see irreversible changes in our world due to 'wasting time' on the situation at hand.

The track has been reworked in the studio with the full band and Mark will look to start the campaign at the start of June hoping to raise awareness of the current campaigns for helping the environment. Talks are underway with a video production company to make a video fit for the release which will come out just after the single release.

You can check out progress and promo on the track by following Mark on socials here.

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