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Since leaving The Voice as a semi-finalist in 2018 Tai has been very busy in the studio with a third single set for release in June this year.

With a whole load of tracks in the bank Tai has a very clear idea of her brand and how she wants her music to be consumed. With her first release back in November showcasing her RnB prowess, Eyes On You was undoubtably a solid announcement to Tai's arrival on the Urban scene. The second track was intended as a filler between original releases with a dance remix cover of the classic track 'Creep' by Radiohead, gaining a few playlists attentions including Bon Haus Music which was a notable achievement for the track.

Now onto the third release in 6 months, Tai is about to release her original track 'Daddy Issues' which features emerging producer Xelavate. They met in the studio whilst featuring on a track he had written earlier this year, and after initially meeting the two had a good vibe and decided to work on Daddy Issues, with Xelavate producing bass heavy Lofi beat for the track.

With a whole load of co writes under her belt Tai is set to release a good 5/6 tracks this year with a mixture of RnB, Pop, Garage and Afro Beat showing how diverse she can be but firmly keeping to her own unique style. Daddy Issues is out on June 14th 2019, to keep up with the release info click here.

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