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Tim's first single of 2019 'Angelique' gained very good review and it was certainly a new direction of sound again from the young London based singer/songwriter.

Yet again changing slightly in style if you look back through Tim's release catalogue you can hear the genre bending EP's as they move through the past 2 years from Rock to Acoustic to Folk and now to a sound reminiscent of early Motown with a modern spin.

The latest work from Tim is the second of 5 singles to go out this year, each one really showing his lyrical writing capabilities first and foremost, complimented by the aggressive guitar style as heard on Always The Same As It Was Before. The song is about a fiery relationship and the way it weaves in and out of good and bad times.

Go give the track a listen as it is out today and then if you like what you are hearing wait patiently for the next release due in July! Keep a check on Tim's socials here

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