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With 2 releases now under her belt Daddy Issues is the 3rd release from Herts based R'N'B artist Tai... and there is a lot more to come this year.

When Tai started out working on this track late end of 2018 it was proving difficult to find the right producer for the beat. A chance meeting saw her meet emerging producer Xelavate who had been in the same studio working on some of his music and the two organised a session straight away. Xelavate produced the beat and it had exactly the right sort of feel for this track, expressing a more slow bass heavy sound for the latest release from Tai.

With another 3 tracks ready to go this year we are only just starting to scratch the surface of what this young R'N'B artist is capable of... co writes in the UK and US are causing a lot of attention with some big names in the industry in early demo stages so we are all waiting eagerly for the next release to drop.

To listen to Daddy Issues click here. To follow Tai on socials click here.

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