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New Single Encapsulates Climate Change

With a hard-hitting topic being the heart of the release, Mark Sullivan’s latest single, Wasting Time, broaches the reality that is climate change and how the impact of our existence affects the world we live in.

Wasting Time is another release from Sullivan’s back catalogue and seems a good time to release with all the coverage on this topic starting to make people take action. The track was always something Mark looked to release as a full band track and was excited to get in the studio and finally put this out.

The track was not without it's difficulties... recording on 4 different occasions to get the tempo and feel of the track just as he had imagined it was a lengthy process but well worth the wait when it finally got mixed down.

With Mark's live schedule very busy over festival season it will soon be time to look at the next release before we head into winter and he has a good idea of what will be coming next.. but you will have to wait to find out for now!

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