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Moving out of her comfort zone for this latest release ‘Evergreen’ is a throwback reminiscent to the early 90’s garage scene sprinkled with fresh modern sounds, a result that will leave you dancing and feeling good.

All written and produced in Soho Live Studio’s, the stellar production from Brando Walker takes influences from neo-soul and early 2 step garage, with Tai’s smooth urban vocal, guaranteeing to leave you singing back the infectious hook lines.

Well, that's just one persons view... but this is probably one of the hottest tracks out this summer in the UK and with American bloggers getting behind it as well as many independents in the UK it seems this is getting some of the attention it deserves.

Since releasing her first track through distribution back in late 2018 Tai has been in and out of sessions with some great producers, compiling a very exciting catalogue of tracks to be released over the next year. It seems only a matter of time before this young star has a track nestled in your New Music Friday playlist..

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