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TAI in prep for 2020 🔥

As Tai's track catalogue built over 2019 so too did the offers for collaboration work. Late on in 2019 saw Tai invited to the BMI networking events where she got to chat with artists and producers alike about her style and any ideas that could potentially work with other artists.

Since then she has been writing and recording with various people all over the UK as well as producers in America! Some of the tracks that are coming from these sessions are fire and will all hopefully get to be heard at some point in the next year. Working with London based top liner Louis Ryan, Soho Live Studios Brando Walker, N. London based artist/producer Xelavate, Herts based grime artist Reeko and American Grammy nominated producer Eddie Gypsy Stokes these are just a few of the things cooking for Tai... Yes, you should be excited for 2020.

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